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Wayne Campbell


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If I was to summarise my professional experience and passions to date, I would say I am first and foremost a story teller who injects creativity, passion an activism into

everything I do.


When I had finished my education at University, I worked in publishing for a while, first as a designer and then as an art editor. It was here where I gave birth to my photographic obsession. At the time I was art directing a host of photographers all trained in different disciplines and using different equipment. One of the things I realised during this period, was that I had an affinity with the visual language of photography. A simple line or curve, lit in a certain way, would conjure up all sorts of creative obstacles or solutions.

The challenges these brought up, were exhilarating. A few years later, I bought myself my first camera, and in the years that followed I upgraded my equipment (several times)

and travelled to lands far away shooting, capturing, expressing and absolutely

loving the process.


Photography can be so overwhelming. it is that feeling of overwhelm where I believe creativity really flourishes and is expressed. 


Soon after, I added filmmaking to my repertoire, winning a film award for my first film. Just like photography film has always felt absolutely comfortable for me. The whole process of creating a single body of work from hundreds of moving parts is amazing.  I have always been comfortable sharing my ideas and vision with cast and crew, no matter the size

of the production.


The same can be said about my illustration work, a lot of the images that I create, are born from the noise of overwhelm. My work has always been inspired by my environment, my emotions and my experience. Both consciously and subconsciously. 


When I look at my illustration work it’s evident that my subconscious mind has definitely played the bigger part in how my drawings express my thoughts and feelings. 


Throughout my career spanning 20 plus years I pride myself in always having the consistent positive mindset, to keep growing and learning new things as I believe this will continue to enhance my experience. I am excited about this next phase of my career and cannot wait to find a new role that inspires me...


I hope you like what you see.


Wayne "Wacfoo" Campbell

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